Products And Services

With innovative ideas and world class technology, we are committed to develop the latest Mechotronics products and devices:

L.T. Switchgear

Switch-Fuse Unit/ Fuse Switch Unit
Cubical Fuse Dis-connector Switch
EURO On-load Changeover Switch/ Off-load Changeover Switch
Auto On-load Changeover Switch (Single & Three Phase)
CLD (Current Limiting Devices) Auto-Reset Changeover
Auto On-load Phase Transfer Changeover Switch (TPN)
Auto On-load Phase Sequence Changeover Switch
Auto On-load Phase Selector Switch
Bus-Bar Chamber (with phase, fuse, voltmeter & selector switch)
L.T. Control Switch i.e. Reversing Switch, Phase Selector Switch, Changeover Switch, etc.
MCB DB (Single & Double Door SPN & TPN) with MCB Incomer as well as MCCB Incomer, AC Box
Photo Switch and Timer Switch
Outdoor Switches
Panels (Control, Distribution, AMF, APFC Relay Panel, Meter Board, etc.)
Special Purpose Switchgears

Mechotronics Products

Thyrister based Micro Controlled Battery Charger
AC Filter Cleaning Machine
LED Destination Board (PIS)
Sinewave Inverter (24V, 48V, 110V)
Servo Voltage Stabilizers, CVT
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
DC to DC Converter
Fault Indication Light
Driver Desk Indication Panel (For use in Railway Engines)
Safety Fork Switch (For use in Ropeways by Usha Breco Ltd.)
LED Tail Light (For Trains) & LED Display Board
Rechargeable Emergency Torch

Specialized Products

FRP Boxes (For different applications)
Current Limiting Device (Auto Reset Type)
Voltage Accu-Check Devices

Super Specialities

Site work of Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical nature
Complete turnkey projects for HT to LT installation with building/ industrial wiring
AMC for complete projects
Customer’s satisfaction by providing expert technical advice & customized solutions as per customer’s needs